About Course

Have you ever asked yourself: “How does Marsellus Wallace look like?”.
Or maybe you want to know how to design a crankshaft?
Have you wondered where to hide a watch if you are captured by Viet Cong?
Or maybe you imagined printing your dreams in 3D?

All of those questions will be answered during this amazing course in Krakow, in the very heart of Europe.

During this course we will focus on practical experience in 3D modelling. You will be given a chance to develope your own ideas and transform them into real projects! Moreover, thanks to marvellous invention of 3D printing you will be able to go even further and turn those projects into real physical objects!
We are a team of energetic, positive people constantly coming up with new ideas and we want to share this enthusiasm with you!

Don’t let your dreams be dreams!
Our teachers will provide you with lots of passion and skills that will be the tools for making them a reality. We believe that this knowledge will be necessary in your future career.

During your stay in Poland you and your 21 enthusiastic mates from all over the world will see Krakow - the most iconic polish city. Would you like to walk across renaissance streets? Maybe you would like to taste our delicious food and test our famous hospitality? No problem!

Of course, when you work hard you need to play even harder. That's why our team will prepare great social activities and parties! Be prepared for crazy days and sleepless nights!

As awesome as it gets, Your whole journey will be in the theme of Pulp Fiction, so be ready to become Tarantino maniac like us!
I dare You, I double dare You to apply for Pulp 3Diction and see the World in entirely new dimension!

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